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Rusted Gingham Barn Sale


Rusted Gingham Barn Sales offers vintage, antique, unique, handmade, remade or otherwise made goods!

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Rusted Gingham Barn Sale

Rusted Gingham is a group of friends and family who enjoy finding new purposes for old things and displaying all these vintage finds and creations in a magical way…under the canopy of the Barn! Every year, they gather all their GOodS together for a Barn Sale.

Rusted Gingham is the creative genius of Suzanne Sexton. She’s the inspiration behind Rusted Gingham – she’s the one who made her barn sale dream come to life 5 years ago…when she hosted the first ever Barn Sale in her own barn outside Gonzales, Texas.

With several great friends and a supportive family, Suzanne began hosting what has now become a nationally recognized Annual Barn Sale!

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