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Come and Take It Cannon

Gonzales was the site of the first battle of the Texas Revolution on October 2, 1835.  The internationally recognized sign of freedom, the Come and Take IT flag was born from that battle.  Today, Gonzales is still rich in history, but we are much more.  We are the home to the Texas Junior High School State Rodeo Finals every May and we have rodeos at our JB Wells Park Arena almost every weekend.  If rodeo is not to your liking take a look at our outstanding 9 hole Golf Course or see the Come and Take It cannon at our Memorial Museum.  

We’re not just about relaxation in Gonzales.  We are business friendly too.  Just ask Adams Extract, Southern Clay, Jim H. Wilson, or Tropical Fusions a few of the companies based here.  We are the crossroads of the Eagle-Ford Shale Oil Field.  Such oil companies as EOG, Lucas Oil, and Marathon Oil have made Gonzales their regional home.  The Texas-Northern-Gonzales Railroad provides personal service you will never see with the large national railroads.

We invite you to “Come and Take It” and once you do, you’ll never let it go.


  • The City of Gonzales has no plans to annex any properties which are not exempt as defined by Section 43.052(h), Texas Local Government Code, within the time period prescribed by statute.
  • The City of Gonzales reserves the right to amend this annexation plan in accordance with the provisions of the Texas Local Government Code and other applicable law.


Our City offices will be closed on Friday April 3, 2015. The Memorial Museum will also be closed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Texas Disposal Systems will run normal routes.


We have been advised that the new trash service Texas Disposal Systems has sent invoices to each of our customers for trash service. This was done in error by TDS. Please disregard the invoices you have or may receive. We are working with TDS to determine how this occurred. The invoices will reflect a January 31 date for services in January. Again, do not pay this invoice. We deeply apologize for this mistake. TDS assures us they are working diligently to correct it.


Gonzales Citizens University

Learn How the Gonzales City Government Operates
As a student of Gonzales Citizens University, you will have the unique opportunity to see firsthand how your city government operates. You will spend 8 weeks getting to know your council, department heads and staff. You will be an active participant in many aspects of city business. At the end of the course you will be knowledgeable in the day-to-day operations of City Hall. – Click here to learn more.


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Advertisement for Bids


Maximum Contaminant Level Violation


GVTC Unveils Plans for Texas' First Gigabit Region

Boerne, Gonzales, Bulverde set to receive high-speed gigabit fiber network

With San Antonio and Austin vying for Google fiber, GVTC Communications, headquartered just north of San Antonio, is set to become the first rural telecommunications provider in Texas to power over 2,200 miles of fiber optic cable with gigabit Internet service. More than 39,000 GVTC rooftops will be eligible for a gig connection starting in September 2014.

Trademarked as the GVTC GigaRegion™, the communications company is forming a unique partnership with the cities of Boerne, Bulverde and Gonzales to drive economic development throughout GVTC’s service area.

Visit GVTC’s website for more information.


Expo Center to be Located at JB Wells Park

Thanks to the insight and information received during several group discussions in April the design program for the new exposition center to be located at J.B. Wells Park in Gonzales Texas is beginning to take shape.

The next step in the planning process is to collect data for the potential and probable uses of the facility. Collecting data on an event-by-event basis is part of the planning and feasibility study that will help to develop a solid operating pro forma budget, and move the project into implementation.

We are asking for help in this process. A short survey has been developed to gather event information and potential uses for the facility. If you are the sponsor, promoter, organizer or operator of a potential event, please fill out a survey for each event or use. Clicking on the link provided will take you to the Survey Monkey questionnaire. Complete the survey using the best information or estimated information you have. Space numbers, attendance or dollars that are close or representative of the event are sufficient (an attendance of 250 is close enough if the actual attendance last year was 247 or 255). All the data will be combined and used in group totals or average sizes.

To connect to the survey, Click Here .
The link is: in case you need to access the survey from your web browser.

If you are not the appropriate person to represent an event but you know of someone that does represent, or may represent, a potential event, please feel free to forward or share this information. The City of Gonzales needs a complete picture of events and attendance to make informed decisions.
Please complete the surveys by end of day, Friday, June 20, 2014.


Texas State Comptroller's Financial Transparency Platinum Circle Award

Platinum Circle Award
The City of Gonzales has been awarded the Platinum Leadership Circle Award from the Texas State Comptroller’s Office for financial transparency. This award is presented to cities in Texas that have met the criteria to earn a Gold Circle Award in providing financial reporting information to its citizens three years in a row. These financial reports include annual budgets, comprehensive annual financial reports, and online check registers.


Comprehensive Plan

City of Gonzales Comprehensive Plan.

The 2012 State of the Community Report is a critical component in identifying where the City of Gonzales currently stands. It provides a baseline by which different facets of the community can be looked at piece by piece, revealing each of their strengths and opportunities as well as weaknesses and poten-tial challenges. However, that portion of the Comprehensive Plan is only one half of the tool by which the city will use to make planning decisions going forward. The sections concentrating on Gonzales’ future make up the second half of the document, providing recommendations that the city and its residents can use to guide their city in a meaningful direction.

Download the Complete Comprehensive Plan


Stay Informed with New Service from Blackboard Connect

Stay Connected with Blackboard Connect The City of Gonzales can now send you important notifications for things such as emergencies, street closures, city wide events and much more. You can be better informed by registering through this website or downloading a free smartphone app offered by our notification provider.

With this service, you will be able to receive notifications via voice, email or text message.

Click the button at the top right of the homepage to register or download the free Blackboard Connect app to your smart phone or tablet.

Once your registration is complete you can set your preferences and begin receiving notifications.

If you have questions or need assistance with this service please contact us at 830-672-2815.


Sewer Line Warranty Program

Gonzales utility customers recently received a letter about a sewer line warranty program that is available through an initiative between the National League of Cities (NLC) and Sewer Line Warranties of America (SWLA). Click the following link for answers to frequently asked questions about the program. Utility Service Partners FAQs


The City of Gonzales Says Come and Take It Again

PRESS RELEASE – The City of Gonzales Says Come and Take It Again

Gonzales, Texas, February 20, 2013—The first time Gonzales’ voice was heard on the subject of gun control was in 1835 when the Mexican Army tried to take the town’s cannon. The residents of Gonzales responded with what has become the immortal cry of “Come and Take It”. Today that cannon resides in the City’s Memorial Museum, Santa Anna never got it.

On February 19, 2013 the City of Gonzales once again issued the decree to “Come and Take It”. This time it was not on the battlefield, but during the City Council meeting. The Gonzales City Council passed a resolution supporting the United States Constitution especially the second, fourth, ninth, and tenth Amendments. The Council took official action instructing all City agencies to “refuse requests or directives by federal agencies acting under unconstitutional powers enumerated” in the resolution.

Resolution – City of Gonzales Says Come and Take It Again Click to download the entire resolution.

“The feedback we have received has all been positive so far”, City Manager Allen Barnes said. “Our meeting last night had a full house and when the resolution was read in its entirety, those in attendance applauded.”


Texas State Comptroller's Financial Transparency Gold Circle Award

Gold Circle Award
The City of Gonzales has been awarded the Gold Circle Award from the Texas State Comptroller’s Office for financial transparency. This award is presented to cities in Texas that meet certain criteria in providing financial reporting information to its citizens. These financial reports include annual budgets, comprehensive annual financial reports, and online check registers.


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